20 Things I learned about Pro-wrestling...this weekend...

What an amazing weekend it’s been. I've watched 10+ hours of pro-wrestling live. Hung out back stage, in the locker room and had many interesting encounters. After such an experience you come away with so many life lessons or at least "wrestling life lessons". I tried to narrow it down, so here goes: The 20 things I learned about Pro-wrestling this weekend.

1. Never toss merch with the same hand you're holding the mic.

2. Stone Cold E.T. is GREAT…on YouTube.

3. A motivated focused RVD can still WOW a crowd.

4. Matt Striker gets it.

5. Maria is just as hot in person as she is on TV…Angelina Love not so much.

6. You should be allowed to punch any mark in the mouth who brings a mega phone to an event.

7. Less is more.

8. 3 hours in a gym in June with a few hundred wrestling fans and NO air-conditioning generally produces some questionable odors.

9. MVP Carlito & Chris Masters should still be on TV.

10. Nothing's sadder than someone trying to start a Fandango Chant and NO ONE joins him.

11. Anthony Nese may be the most athletic wrestler in the business today (and yes I’m including Daniel Bryan in that statement).

12. Scott Steiner is slowly turning to stone.

13. Lance Storm is VERY good.

14. Meeting someone who is a fan of what you do is incredibly motivating; when that fan is Bill Apter you walk on cloud 9.

15. Tommy Dreamer may be the calmest most even tempered man on the planet…he may just be the best promoter as well.

16. If the WWE signed the Young Bucks and London & Kendrick adding them to the Usos and Prime Time Players…ALL pursuing the Shield's Tag Team title there would be another golden age of Tag Team wrestling.

17. If the Sandman will do the Fandango then world peace may actually be possible.

18. No matter how many times you're in Ric Flair's company you will be awe struck EVERY time.

19. If my desire to learn in school was matched by my quest to learn as much as I can about the "Biz" now, I'd be a nuclear physicist.

20. "If it looks good, you'll see it. If it sounds good, you'll hear it. If it’s marketed right, you'll buy it. But…if its real you'll feel it".

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