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“The Trip of Trips”, as I like to call it, might be in the rearview mirror, but the adventures and magic we experienced along the way will never be out of our sights. Yes, I used the word “magic” as that is the only word I can think of to describe what we experienced over the past few years attending Wrestlemania.

This was our 4th trip to the “show of shows” – and by far – the BEST TRIP EVER! We’ve had our fair share of grand experiences over the years…from Houston being the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania and our first trip centered around Mania, Phoenix where we met some of our best friends “The Rosenbluth brothers” and Atlanta hanging with guys such as Rick Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Paul Bearer and DH Smith (LIVE IN THE NOW!!!) – as well as Matt Hardy and Reby Sky – (and some could say David Otunga behind the bar) and I wouldn’t have changed a minute! Each year has gotten better and better and I expect 28 to be just a cog in the wheel that we will all be writing about next year called “Wrestlemania 29”.

Wrestlemania 28 was not only the best actual Wrestlemania show I’ve been too – top to bottom, match by match – the venue, the crowd - but it opened up a new chapter of the Ken Reedy Show. After our infamous BEST BUS EVER trip to the event itself, we all realized this was our time to shine. The weekend, the events, even the bus ride lived up the to the hype!

I’m not going to waste everyone’s time and go on and on about our amazing trip…I’ll get right down to business. Rock Vs. Cena: That’s what I want to talk about and since this is my blog – that’s exactly what I’m going to do. We were supposed to be calling this the “Diva’s blog” but God help me if I am going to be confined to discussing the Divas! Do you know where I was during the Diva match at Wrestlemania??? On line trying to get some semblance of food so I wouldn’t miss the real matches.

So the fans asked and as far as I’m concerned, the WWE delivered. A year long wait for the “Once in a Lifetime” match. I’m not going to sit here and rehash too much about how I feel about the Rock. He is a liar and a fake: a fraud and only out for himself with no regard for “the business”. I’ve been pleading that cause for the better part of the past year. Oh, sure I have my “I bring it” t-shirt sitting crumbled up in my dresser drawer (I’d like to say folded, but let’s be honest here). I wore that stupid shirt proudly to Wrestlemania 27 in hopes of getting the true Rock experience – but perhaps like many others, my expectations were not met and I was left feeling flat by his over-hyped return. I missed the Rock era. I became a fan of the WWE in 2005 after the Rock left, so for me – I was excited to experience what I had missed. I’ve seen old footage, but when you aren’t living it, it’s hard to really get it. You can appreciate and respect it, but you aren’t living it “in” the moment. It’s like watching an old World Series game – it could be a great game, but you know the outcome and are never going to be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens. You will never be able to replicate the drama and suspense that was felt when it was happening live.
Fast forward a year and the Rock did not deliver between 27 and 28. While he finally showed up to a few RAWs before mania 28, I found his antics, dated, repetitive and lazy. The true sign of his indolence was not only his wrist notes, but come on – he couldn’t even read the first few lines of his karaoke on the big screen! It doesn’t get easier than that, Rock! He rested on his laurels and it showed. Not only was his character stale, but boy was he sucking wind in the headlining match at Wrestlemania 28.

Ok, so all said and done, I enjoyed the whole experience. I sat proudly in the stands wearing my RISE ABOVE HATE shirt chanting back and forth in the “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks” chants…I discussed, dissected, disputed this “Once in a Lifetime” occurrence for weeks on end with friends and fans. It’s done, it’s over – we got a good payoff, but frankly, I thought John Cena was going to win. Sure, it’s the Rock’s home town, the Rock is the million-dollar movie star and WWE Legend, but why should the Rock win? What would the motivation be for the WWE to let the Rock win? He has no reason to return after this if he wins not to mention his ½ @ssed schedule throughout his return. And HE gets the prize? That’s not fair. Well it’s not all about being fair. John Cena busts his ass 300+ days a year. He is the top guy in the company – he is the man, he IS the WWE and to me, having the Rock win kinda sh!ts all over the company and proves to me that the Rock is in it for himself…but John Cena is a good man and did what he was asked. So sitting there at the end of the show with barely a voice left to speak, let alone chant….the Rock was victorious and I was one unhappy camper.

I’ve moved past this now, realizing that it wasn’t the end all, be all for Cena. This gives fuel to a much more Intense Cena. We like Intense Cena. Smiling, joking around Cena is ok too – in doses, but we like a Cena with a fire in his eyes to kick someone’s @ss and as much as I didn’t see it when I was sitting in section 114 Row 4, seat whatever….I see it now. This gives much more depth to the character that is John Cena. Everything he said about the Rock was 100% true and to not have beaten the Rock on the biggest stage of all must have been infuriating for him. Next up we hear rumors of Brock’s return…so what, who cares…I want to see Cena call out the Rock and them go at it again and have Cena (FINALLY) put the Rock in his place. Little did I expect what was the come next: Brock comes out on RAW and F5’s Cena. Most might think “what a chump, again” but I see it differently. It had to happen. Cena has been at the top of the company for a while (whether he wins or loses, he has been the top guy for years). He needed to get taken down a few pegs – not because (as some might think) he’s a punk or can’t wrestle or is arrogant, but to give him something to fight for. The follow up this past Monday on RAW was the brilliant. It was the exact heat we needed to see between Cena and Brock – otherwise, who cares? Cena comes down with his usual smirk and BAM! Bitch slaps Brock right in the face. Totally unexpected and we were all on the edge of our seats. And to see the melee that ensued result in a bloody Cena!!?? Classic Monday Night Raw! It was reminiscent of the classic diner scene in Superman II. And if you don’t know what that means…I’ve got 3 words for you “LOOK IT UP”. One thing is for sure after all the Rock hype, something I knew all along…it wasn’t about the Rock at all…it’s about re-inventing John Cena. It’s always about John Cena…and as a member of #TeamCena, I can assure you, he will RISE ABOVE and I am looking forward to being there on this new road ahead!

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