So the question was posed on TKRS last week..."Punk Vs. Rock...who do you root for?" Well, if you know me at all, you'll know I've been Team Cena 100% for a while now so this one is going to be tough! I'm sure you've heard my story, over and over...because any time someone will actually listen to me when I tell the tale of Wrestlemania 28, I make it clear that I was not happy with the Rock's return...well, I was happy when he returned - but I was quickly disappointed and felt hoodwinked by the man who claimed he would "never leave us again". So as the road to Wrestlemania 28 was paved, I was sitting on the side of the bus yelling "Let's go Cena!"

Well, we all know what happened at Wrestlemania 28 and as quickly as that was such a huge disappointment another character that I was less than thrilled with came back for his big return. Brock Lesnar. Who cares? Well, I didn't, but quickly that rivalry picked up some steam and then ultimately, I enjoyed the transition back to a less than corny, intense John Cena. Rise above Hate right? Well, there was bloodshed and one of the best endings to an episode to RAW that I can remember in recent years. The Extreme Rules PPV definitely lived up to the hype and all was right in the world of the WWE again - as far as Michele DeG was concerned.

Fast forward a few months, a lot of hype and "omg how many times do we have to hear that Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic TV show in history"? Episode 1000 was on the horizon and we were all psyched for the fanfare. Truthfully, we all know that it is going to be hard to sustain 3 hours of good programming every week, but we were looking to episode 1000 for the fanfare and for Vince to pull out all the stops…and he did…with the exception of Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was noticeably missing…however, we found out later that it was due to knee surgery…so the rattle snake will get a pass…just this once. I’m not going to rehash the whole episode but it was jam packed with fun little segments, big names from the past, a wedding – of course – the Rock and Brock…all was right in the WWE Universe.

I know it’s practically a sacrilege to say….but I am not a CM Punk gal. He’s definitely won me over a bit over the past few years…his performance last summer during the “pipe bomb” era was brilliant. He showed that he can be someone, but really, in the end – I still see him as a greasy, scumbag looking less than jacked wrestler who I’ve seen in action not giving a crap about the fans. Can I really root for this guy?

So I’m left with the dilemma at the end of the day…when and if the Rock and CM meet in the ring for the WWE Championship…who in the blue hell am I going to root for?? I guess I might have to chronicle this journey until the Royal Rumble (my favorite PPV of the year…aside from the show of shows…of course…)

Last night came and went, and episode 1001 was pretty entertaining despite the excessive replays of highlights from last week, “earlier tonight” and “moments ago”. There were some solid matches, strong promos and character/story line developments…but did we really have to see the pre-show fire footage 2 or 3 times? And for Pete’s sake, did we NEED to see Vicky dance? I’d rather watch Elaine from Seinfeld in the ring! This is what we feared would happen – 3 hours of quality TV 52 weeks a year is a high bar to reach…but get used to it…the “filler” era in WWE wrestling has begun. As a 2 hour show, they had enough good content that it would’ve been one of the better RAWs of the year.

So I leave you now with my undecided vote: Rock vs. Punk…I guess you could say I’m stuck between “The Rock and a Punk place”…for now :-/

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