Through the eyes of a wrestler…uuuuum, er….sort of…

Well, I’m not officially a wrestler (yet), but after my first few hours of IWF Camp wrestling training I was hooked and couldn’t wait for more!  I’ve been a wrestling fan for a while and I know a decent amount about the sport from the fans view and from dabbling in the business as producer of The Ken Reedy Show from the “media” side…but let me tell you, once you are in that ring; all bets are off!!

What made me think I could get into the ring in the first place? Well, why not? I have set goals in life and when I set my mind to something, I often accomplish it. So let’s be real here, I don’t pick things that I know are impossible or that I will fail miserably at…so, say….for example, I’m not going to win any Nobel Peace prizes anytime soon…well, hmmmm…let’s not write that one off just, let’s pick something else….like Basketball, I’ve never in my life thought “hey, I think I can be point guard for the NY Knicks”…See …that, would be….ridiculous! I’ve studied dance, spent many years as a competitive and team cheerleader, played many years of softball as a child and adult, studied Kung Fu…but that wasn’t enough…I decided a few years ago that I would tackle power lifting. Why? I don’t know, because I’m oddly strong for my size and I went to a meet and saw some little girls (and by little, I mean around my size) lifting things and thought “if they can do that, I can do that” so I did…Deadlifted 200lbs with minimal training…moved on to set a NY State Record in my age/weight class of 251lbs. So why stop there??

I’m not really a “talker”. I don’t sit around day dreaming, running my mouth about things that I would, should, and could be doing (other than leaving it all and moving to Key West). What I mean is; I am pretty responsible and realistic. I’m not going to talk a big game and then do nothing. I have talked about getting into the wrestling ring for the past few years and even spent an hour or so in the ring once to experience it…but then Ken Reedy called me out on it and got me lessons for my birthday. There was no backing down now. I was scared. I am still scared, but the challenge was made and I accepted!
One thing I’ve learned so far is that facing those fears is a big  part of this. I fully believe that there are people out there that don’t have the “fear gene” as I call it… I…unfortunately…have  that fear gene…so throwing my body around in the ring for entertainment, doesn’t exactly come totally natural to me…mentally and at times physically.

I’ve been watching wrestling for several years.  Do I have a photographic memory of every match of all time? NO. I am not an encyclopedia, I will not claim to be, nor will I claim to be an expert on every move ever invented.  I have been exposed to a lot (new and old) and I appreciate it and I am learning from it every day.
The Difference…Now…Even after my limited experience in the ring, I am noticing that I am watching every match in such a different way…I’m paying attention to the subtleties …the actual moves, what they are called, how they are executed…what I can pick up on, what I can learn…what I can realistically do…planning, plotting, listening, looking and learning.

The Journey has been great so far and I’ve only scratched the surface. My first official match is scheduled for May 2 at the Nutley Rec Center IWF’s Loud and Proud Relay for Life Fundraiser, but perhaps – perhaps – I will be dabbling in a few other things at the IWF School before then!!

Stay tuned…

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