Ken Reedy: HOST

Ken Reedy is the founder and host of The Ken Reedy Show. With a BA in theater, degree from Connecticut School of Broadcasting, several years of acting experience and as front man of rock bands SRO and FTL – Ken was born to entertain. One of Ken’s many other talents is commentator and TV personality for “NWA On Fire”. Ken brings almost 40 years of wrestling knowledge to the table and is not afraid to speak his mind. TKRS show started in 2005 and has been growing stronger ever since.

Diamond Dave: Co-Host

Diamond Dave Rosenbluth comes to us LIVE from West Hartford CT. The “hotbed state” in the wrestling industry. Dave dabbles in the culinary arts by day and is “The Co-host with the Most” by night! Dave is also a graduate of The Connecticut School of Broadcasting. The wrestling world has brought Ken and Dave together as the tag team champs mastering the art of pro-wrestling talk.

Michele De G: "Resident Diva"/Producer

Michele is the resident “Diva” and Producer of TKRS. English major turned computer programming geek, Michele brings her love of wrestling and knack for coordinating and organization to the show. Michele does a lot of behind the scenes work on the show including producing, bookings, web designing, promoting and public relations. Follow Michele on twitter @Michele3D or contact for bookings.